Christmas Trees Export

Plantations Réal Beloin - a leader in the export of fir trees since 1981!

We export our Christmas Trees mainly to the USA. Trade with the USA grew quite naturally in view of the proximity of the plantation to the US border. We're a mere 5 kilometres from Vermont and 1 kilometre from New Hampshire.

We also deliver part of our production throughout Canada and we are able to export everywhere in America (except Mexico). We are also open to export in any country over seas which we are aloud to export Christmas trees.

The solid relationships we have developed with our customers are based on our speedy delivery that falls well within deadlines, our competitive prices and, of course, the freshness of our fir trees.

With a rock-solid experience in delivering fresh fir trees, Plantations Réal Beloin has developed techniques over the years to ensure the quality of our product, for your greater satisfaction.

Visits of our entreprise are also available.

Once cut, the fir trees are carefully wrapped with a rope wrapper and loaded onto trucks using mechanical clamps for the least breakage possible. The fir trees are then delivered as soon as possible in order to preserve their much sought-after fragrance that makes fresh natural trees the ideal choice for the Holiday Season.

For delivery, approximately 750 trees are loaded onto a 48-foot trailer. Depending on the distance of the particular delivery, we also offer refrigerated containers for shipping 500 trees, either by boat or by truck.